A Step or Two (or 5000!)

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Have you ever counted the number of steps you take in a day? With the number of activity trackers on the market, it is quite easy to do just that. And, the number of steps you take in a day is very important for your bone health, and overall health.

Researchers in Sweden wanted to know if participation in a 12 week balance training program would lead to higher levels of regular physical activity. To find that out, the researchers looked at the number of steps people took in a day and divided it into whether they had less than 5000 steps per day or if they had more than 5000 steps per day.  They compared 2 groups of people with osteoporosis and followed them over 15 months. People in Group A were involved in a 12 week balance training program. People in Group B were asked to just continue with their usual activities and were not involved in the exercise class. Their study showed that, in the short term, the people in the balance class increased their regular daily physical activity, as indicated by their total number of steps per day.

Bonny’s Bone Message:  Physical Activity is important for people with osteoporosis and a level of 5000 or more steps/day may help maintain bone mass and reduce the risk of many lifestyle related diseases. If you are ready to take the next step and start an exercise program, see your Physiotherapist to make sure your program is individualized to you and that you are doing the right exercises, with the right technique and with the right progression.

Enjoy every step you take for your Bone Health!