Bone Healthy Body Mechanics

In addition to keeping good posture in your exercise program,istock-824143408 it is important to be using the right body mechanics as much you can during the day. People are often aware of what is right and what is risky when exercising. These are the similar principles for when you are doing your usual every day activities like lifting, driving, sitting at the computer, walking the dog, etc.

A good example of Bone Healthy Body Mechanics is proper lifting. When lifting from the floor, avoid rounding of your spine and use your legs. Your legs are the strongest muscles in the body and should be used when lifting. Also, when you do your Body Mechanics the right way, it is another way of “Fitting in Bone Healthy Exercises” during your day!

If you have pain in your legs or difficult getting into this position, then speak to your Osteoporosis Physiotherapist on how to best pick up objects.