Proper nutrition is extremely important in the management of osteoporosis.  Extensive research continues to be undertaken in the area of nutrition and osteoporosis. Key points to consider in bone healthy nutrition include:

  1. Adequate calcium for bone health
  2. Adequate Vitamin D to absorb calcium
  3. Adequate protein for strong muscles
  4. Good healthy diet for general health

Different countries may have different amounts of calcium and Vitamin D that are recommended for people of different ages. Your Doctor should be consulted regarding the right amount of Calcium and Vitamin D as you may have other conditions that need to be taken into consideration regarding the amount you should be taking.


Osteoporosis Canada recommends the following for bone health:

Age 4 to 8                                            1000 mg Calcium                   600 IU Vitamin D

Age 9 to 18                                          1300 mg Calcium                   600 IU Vitamin D

Age 19 to 50                                        1000 mg Calcium                   400-1000 IU Vitamin D

Age 50+                                               1200 mg Calcium                   800-2000 IU Vitamin D

Osteoporosis Canada recommends that people try to get their calcium from their diet and if they are getting the adequate amount, then they do not need to take a supplement. Therefore, it is important to take a few days to look at the foods that you are eating during the day to determine how much calcium you are getting. For more information on foods high in calcium go to


Bone Healthy Recipes:

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If you have more questions or would like more individualized information, it may be helpful to see a Registered Dietician.