How to Become a Licensed Osteo-Circuit Clinic or Osteo-Circuit Physiotherapist

Are you a Physiotherapist who is interested in developing an expertise in the area of osteoporosis? Are you a Physiotherapy Clinic Owner or practice in a Hospital and want to provide an evidence-based osteoporosis program to patients? Then, you may be interested in becoming part of the Osteo-Circuit Network.

At the completion of “Osteoporosis Physiotherapy: The Osteo-Circuit Method of Exercise and Education”, you will have the latest information regarding medical management, physiotherapy assessment and exercise prescription to treat your patients with osteoporosis or low bone density. You can be confident in the physiotherapy management of your patients, whether this is their primary diagnosis or something you must consider in their treatment for another condition or injury.

If you are interested in providing formal evidence-based osteoporosis exercise and education classes for your patients and would like to develop a reputation of expertise in the area of osteoporosis then you may be interested in becoming a Licensed Osteo-Circuit clinic or an Osteo-Circuit Physiotherapist.

Some of the benefits of becoming part of the Osteo-Circuit Network include:

  • Web-Based Osteoporosis Exercise Program
  • Doctor’s Reporting Form Software
  • Proprietary 6 and 12 Week Exercise Programs including Class by Class Schedule, Exercise, Logs and Educational Handouts
  • Osteoporosis Research Updates
  • Osteo-Circuit Forms and Updates
  • Marketing Assistance
  • Practice location on the Osteo-Circuit Web-site
  • Access to Member’s Section
  • Access to New Programs.


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