History of Osteo-Circuit

Osteo-Circuit was designed by Physiotherapist Bonny O’Hare in response to patient requests and expressed need for an osteoporosis exercise program.

Over 20 years ago Bonny’s patients began to say to her that they knew that they should exercise but were afraid of doing the wrong thing. They expressed concern about the lack of exercise programs in the community that addressed their particular condition and were supervised by a Physiotherapist to ensure that they were doing the right exercise the right way. Knowing the importance of an individualized exercise program that patients could feel confident with, Bonny began an osteoporosis program in her clinic, Pro Motion Physiotherapy,  in 1995. Based on those first 10 years of experience, numerous courses in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K., an extensive literature review, environmental scan and expert consultation, this program developed into Osteo-Circuit in 2005.

Osteo-Circuit is the only known osteoporosis wellness and supervised exercise program that includes, and is based on, an evidence-based individualized physiotherapy assessment.

Osteo-Circuit is now available in locations in Ontario, Quebec, the United States and Israel.

Bonny believes that Physiotherapists, with evidence-based knowledge of osteoporosis, exercise and physical activity, can play a key role in decreasing risk of fracture, improving quality of life and keeping people with osteoporosis healthy and active. People with osteoporosis need to be involved in the right exercise program and be confident with it. Bonny believes, and has seen in her practice, if they also enjoy the program, it will become a part of their bone healthy lifestyle. Therefore, in addition to Osteo-Circuit being continually updated based on new knowledge, Bonny continues to develop new programs and exercises for the patients such as Osteo-Yoga, Osteo-Aerobics and recently, adapting Tai Chi into the program. On that note, one of Bonny’s favorite comments from a patient is “When I go to the gym I feel like reading. When I go to Osteo-Circuit I feel like exercising”.

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bonny-professional-photoAbout Bonny:

Bonny is the owner of Pro Motion Physiotherapy, a private Physiotherapy practice in Thornhill. Considered an expert in the field of osteoporosis, Bonny teaches the Osteo-Circuit Method internationally. She also shares her knowledge with students at the University of Toronto and McMaster University and is a strong advocate of sharing information about osteoporosis to people of all ages.