Mellanby Course: Diagnostic Tests for Osteoporosis in England, June 2018

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This course is suitable for clinicians (eg. endocrinology, rheumatology, care of the elderly and clinical chemistry), laboratory scientists, radiologists, nurses and physicians with a special interest involved in the clinical management of patients at risk of osteoporotic fractures.

Day 1: Clinical Use of Bone Turnover Markers (BTM)

Day 2: Identification of Vertebral Fractures

Please note: delegates are invited to do EITHER OR BOTH of the days.

Date: June 13th & 14th 2018

Venue: The Edge, Sheffield, UK

This two-day course applies the scientific knowledge and research expertise developed within the Mellanby Centre and within the National Osteoporosis Society to offer high quality training for clinicians, allied health professionals and laboratory scientists working in the field of osteoporosis and other metabolic bone diseases.

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