Osteo-Circuit programs

Osteo-Circuit™ Programs

Osteo-Circuit is:

  1. A Physiotherapy Exercise Program
    In order to tailor your osteoporosis exercise program to you, Osteo-Circuit™ starts with a detailed physiotherapy assessment which includes:
  • A review of your medical history, your Bone Mineral Density results and your goals
  • A review of conditions/pain to take into consideration in the design of your exercise program
  • Your Heart Rate and Blood Pressure
  • A postural assessment
  • An assessment of your range of motion and flexibility for preparation of your individualized program
  • An assessment of Physical Performance Measures to determine the starting point of your exercise program
  1. A Physiotherapy Education Program
    Osteo-Circuit™ is committed to providing you with educational information, including
  • Education on the latest research from scientific organizations such as: Osteoporosis Canada, the International Osteoporosis Foundation, National Osteoporosis Foundation and National Osteoporosis Society in areas such as calcium, Vitamin D and exercise.
  • Education on proper body mechanics to decrease your risk of fracture and harm
  • Education on how to fit suitable exercise into your life
  1. An Individualized Exercise Program
    Osteo-Circuit™ offers a variety of programs for you to participate in.
  • Private Sessions, as recommended or preferred
  • 6 Week Program (Level 1)
  • 6 Week Program (Level 2) Please note that The Level 1 class or private sessions are required before taking this class.
  1. A Progressive Exercise Program
    It is important to do the right exercise, the right way, at the right intensity. Therefore, regular Physiotherapy reassessments provide clinical information on your progress and what modifications may need to be made.
  1. Research-Based
    The Osteo-Circuit program is based on the latest research on exercise on what is right and what is risky for people with osteoporosis or osteopenia.
  1. A Communication Tool with Your Doctors
    The Osteo-Circuit™ assessment report provides information to your Doctor on your results. The reassessment reports provide information on your progression.
  1. Enjoyable!
    Patients tell us that they enjoy the supervision of the therapist as they exercise as well as the camaraderie of other patients who are exercising to build better bones. One of our favorite comments has been “When I go to the library, I feel like reading. When I go to Osteo-Circuit I feel like exercising”!

Osteo-Circuit™ Programs

Osteo-Circuit clinics offer private physiotherapy sessions and/or the Level 1 and Level 2 Osteo-Circuit Exercise and Education Classes. Contact your closest Osteo-Circuit clinic for information on the programs they offer.

6 Week Osteo-Circuit™ Exercise and Education Program: (Level 1)
Level 1 consists of 12 one hour Classes over 6 weeks, consisting of education and exercise. Each exercise is reviewed at each class for technique and response and then new exercises are added as tolerated. At the end of the 6 Week Session, you will have your full program of exercises. A Physiotherapy reassessment takes place within one week of your last class. At the end of this program, your Physiotherapist will make further recommendations which will be discussed with you. Based on the results of your reassessment, this may include continuing in Level 2, attending the Physiotherapy Osteo-Circuit™ Program or continuing your program at your gym or at your home.

6 Week Osteo-Circuit™ Exercise and Education Program (Level 2).
Level 2 consists of 6 classes over 6 weeks, each one hour in length. Your Physiotherapist may recommend Level 2 if you would benefit from more individualized exercise prescription due to pain or other issues such as arthritis.

Private Physiotherapy Sessions
Many patients prefer to see the Physiotherapist privately. Please speak to your Physiotherapist regarding what will work best for you.

All of the above are Physiotherapy programs. Please contact your closest Osteo-Circuit clinic for information about their programs and their fees. If you have Extended Health Coverage, you may be provided with a receipt to submit to your Insurance Company for possible reimbursement.