Strong, Steady and Straight

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national-osteoporosis-society Congratulations to the National Osteoporosis Society on their recent release of their “Strong, Steady and Straight”. This is their Expert Consensus Statement on Physical Activity and Exercise for Osteoporosis. Their key recommendations address all people with osteoporosis and, in addition, consider people who have not had fractures, those who have had fractures and those who are frail and/or less able to exercise. Osteo-Circuit was pleased to see an emphasis on encouraging activity and exercise. As always, safe and effective exercise and activity are key to a bone healthy life. Stay tuned as we include some of this Statement in our Osteo-Circuit program.
A key recommendation is to “do more rather than less”. Osteo-Circuit’s approach is always to individualize exercise recommendations so they are effective and safe. Are you finding you are stopping or cutting back on activity or exercise because you are not sure what to do? Speak to an Osteoporosis Physiotherapist about what you can be doing to promote a bone healthy lifestyle! We look forward to hearing from you!