An Evaluation of the Osteo-Circuit™ Building Better Bones Exercise and Education Program

Purpose: To formally evaluate the processes and outcomes of the Osteo-Circuit™ exercise and education program and to determine if the program modifies key risk factors associated with falls and fractures in older women with low bone mineral density.

Methods: A retrospective chart review was completed of 45 female participants 50 years of age or older who participated in the Osteo-Circuit™ program over a 15 month period. Information was collected from subjective and physical examination at baseline and 3 months.

Results: There was a significant increase in left grip strength, 5 repetition sit-to-stand, left single leg stance and timed up-and-go physical performance measures in the adherent group, with no significant changes in the non-adherent group. A comparison of demographic information between the 2 groups showed no significant differences in characteristics.

Conclusion: Osteo-Circuit™ effectively modifies key risk factors for falls, subsequently reducing the risk for fractures through exercise and education in participants who are adherent. It is the first PT supervised exercise program in a private practice environment to be evaluated.

Overall, this study has evaluated an exercise program that is effective for women over the age of 50 with low BMD. It is an innovative approach that gives promising potential to implementing falls and fracture programs in the community. It can be concluded that a physical therapist devised and supervised exercise program incorporating alignment exercises, proper posture, upper and lower extremity strengthening, static and dynamic balance, paraspinal strengthening, core stability and aerobic training successfully modifies risk factors such as strength, balance and mobility, associated with falls and fractures. The implementation of this program is well aligned with the Ontario government’s Seniors Strategy, thus is should be expanded to additional community settings.

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